At 24Bottles, we’ve always drawn inspiration by nature and our Planet. Being certified B Corporation, gave us the impulse to explore further our world and cultures, without losing our Italian identity. 

For the Spring Summer 22 Inspiration, the 24Bottles Design Team takes you to new stylistic and functional worlds.  The latest array of novelties shows the exceptional adaptability of Italian design to the needs of those who want to abandon disposable plastic without sacrificing comfort and style. The discovery of new patterns and colors combines with constant innovation in techniques and finishes.

24Bottles’ conceptual research, therefore, translates into an applied dimension that speaks of elegance and splendor, pop vibrations and natural paths, abstract landscapes and clean lines contrasted with surfaces and complex textures.  Discover our new collections, and let us guide you through 24Bottles’ latest creative universe.

Virtual Collection represents a digitalized reinterpretation of nature between radiographic overlays and organic structures. Patterns reveal a quiet expressiveness, showing us the world as if through a modern lens.  Young in spirit and timeless in its appeal, the Glam Collection conveys the stylishly elegant intensity of the most exquisite taste for luxury and opulence with hyper elevated new references.

Luxurious materials and interior design are our biggest inspiration for the Grand Collection: sophisticated marbles, polished finishing, metallic hints, charming aesthetic graphics give the collection a unique allure.

In the Floral Collection, botanical motifs are given depth through intense nuances and soft backgrounds, while luxe colour combinations create a modern look with retro-style illustration vibes.

Featuring the pleasant Satin Finish, the Silk Collection dons some exclusive cheery and sweet graphics. Ribbons of thin flowers, discreet hues and warm foliage blend into a haze of happiness to complete your outfit and set an upbeat mood for any occasion.

Infuser Collection rediscovers delicate lines with soft shading, offering an almost artisan flavor. Freehand-painted marks, random pattern placements, and distorted stripes tell a story of skillful hands and modernized tradition. 

Our Athleisure Collection is a route towards the deep energy of mindfulness, through soft gradient color ways reminding of self balance and serenity. The journey in the Athleisure theme continues through a planet inhabited by intense, vibrant energies and shades stolen from our Mother Earth and the Universe.

The first, official 24Bottles Kids Collection is an act of love for future creatives all over the world: let them play with colour and nature, let them learn and let them thrive.  The Kids Collection is entirely dedicated to the little ones. It depicts playful illustrations of common pets: the first best friends they’ll learn to love, despite being so different from humans.


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