At 24Bottles, we’ve always drawn inspiration by nature and our Planet. Being certified B Corporation, gave us the impulse to explore further our world and cultures, without losing our Italian identity. Discover the Spring Summer 2021 Inspiration book with our new collections and let us guide you through 24Bottles’ latest creative universe.

Floral arrangements are highlighted with bright colors on delicate backdrops, while outdoor- inspired details call for statement roses and detailed florals, which are given centre stage.  The new take on the Floral Collection outlines a reinvented tradition which blends the refined mood of vibrant blooms with the quiet strength of metallic accents.


The mix evokes the sense of a new Romanticism, just like a blossomed fantasy. Set sail to a place where technology meets nature and destinations are flights of ideas venturing through routes of itinerant abstractions, led by a crew of amusing, digitized worlds.

Creating a separate pathway in the visual system, Technicolor Collection gives out light through magical, almost cinematic effects. Refined hues and gradient luminosity give an ethereal, elegant sparkle.


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