GOT BAG’s story started on a long road trip through the Alps, when the founders and water-sport enthusiasts Benny & Roman talked about the devastating impressions of plastic crowded beaches in Thailand. "We have to take action!"


With the idea of turning plastic waste into something useful, they started developing the world’s first backpacks made of ocean plastic and founded GOT BAG. What has been a passion project of two good friends from school is now a dedication and a fast-emerging movement. 


We are more than a team - we are a family and a movement of visionary minds. We respect everyone for who they are and what they know. For their skills and experiences as individuals, team members, and global partners.

We want to carry people away - and inspire them for our vision. Because we are only strong if we all pull in the same direction and actually have fun working together. Which brings us closer together so we can all create an impact.

We keep a close eye on our mission - we are committed to preserving the biodiversity of our oceans. We find sustainable solutions for future generations and promote them with our full commitment.

We strive for the highest quality - because we believe that only long-lasting products are truly sustainable & responsible and contribute to positive change if the plastic stays out of our oceans forever.


We are all united by the vision of a plastic-free future of our oceans. Our goal is to clean up the oceans of a significant amount of waste. Only this way we can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the regeneration of our marine ecosystem, and that’s what keeps pushing us into our offices every single day.

The sustainability of our work feeds us with energy and motivation, while the strong team spirit in our company binds us together. Especially as we realize more and more how big the problem with plastic pollution really is.


The ocean might seem far away from our offices, but our team member Billy is actively engaged on the north shore of Java, Indonesia, where he manages our clean-up activities to gradually clear the sea from plastic.

Because we are more than just a fashion brand! In order to create a real impact and a truly sustainable product, it was important for us to have full control over every single step of our production chain – starting where the problem is the biggest. Our very own network of 1,500 fishermen collects ocean plastic as by-catch, which is then carefully separated and cleaned before processed. For each GOT BAG, we recover up to 4 kg of ocean plastic.


The PET share of the recycled plastic is fed into our production chain, while all other unusable parts are discarded according to the right recycling chain. The raw material “ocean plastic” turns step by step into a high-quality yarn. Each production step conserves resources and follows the highest requirements for fair and social work conditions, including job safety and certifications.

Our production chain is long and every single product requires the work of many people. Supply chain transparency is of the highest importance for us, because we want our customers to understand how our products are made and how we chose our current supply chain. Because all of our partners are carefully selected with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, business ethics, and operational excellence.  Because sustainability starts for us with the people who are committed to GOT BAG. We treat everyone involved with respect and we care about our relationship to all of our global associates. We believe in transparent communication and fair working & production conditions.


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