Each year, around 14,5 million tons of plastic packaging are generated in the EU. And, 100.000 truckloads full of plastic are thrown in oceans and rivers. Its disposal has a detrimental impact not only on the ecosystem, but also on human health, which is endangering the pillars on which our present and future development depends on.

From Roll’eat we are convinced that it is possible to reduce such negative impact on Earth if all of us do our bit. From our side, we want to make a healthier planet by promoting a wiser consumption, a Zero Waste lifestyle and encouraging environmental education through our reusable food wrappers.

For more than a decade, Roll’eat has been actively advocating for sustainable values by offering a smart solution to disposable wrappers. The Boc’n’Roll and the Snack’n’Go have contributed to the reduction of tons of single use wrappers which represents around 120,000 tons of CO2 savings.

The benefits of the products go beyond waste reduction: they are not only a product, but a tool to embrace the change.

Determined in the pursuit of more sustainable products, Roll’eat has developed a product line that takes absolute care of the environment. It not only reinforces the Zero Waste philosophy by promoting reduction and reusability, but also, this new line is a step far and beyond sustainability as it is made of 100% biodegradable materials and it is locally produced in Barcelona: the BIO collection.

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The Boc’n’Roll and the Snack’n’Go

Forget about aluminium paper or plastic bags and swap to reusable food wrappers thanks to our on-the-go, daily reusable food wrappers. Enjoy your sandwiches anywhere with your Boc’n’Roll or take you favourite snack in the Snack’n’Go. Easy to use, easy to reuse and easy to clean. Ready for a new adventure?


The new Bio collection

100% biodegradable and locally produced food wrappers to take your sandwiches and your snacks without generating any waste and reducing your carbon footprint even more: the new Boc’n’Roll and Snack’n’Go Bio.

- 100% organic cotton outer.

- Organic cotton tape adjusted using a coconut button.

- Bio-based inner fabric.

- Locally produced in Barcelona.


They are ready for summer. Are you?


It is not about the product, it is about why our product exists.

In 2008 packaging waste in schools was becoming a problem. Thousands of plastic bags, aluminium and plastic foil were produced by pupils, teachers… Back then, there was not any alternative solution to single use packaging… and that is when the Boc’n’Roll was born. It was the ultimate solution to abolish disposable wrappers in schools. A reusable, easy to clean, adjustable and light solution to single-use wrappers which not only reduced waste but also educated in sustainable values.

Waste reduction and positive environmental impact were the values that lead in 2013 to the design and production of multiple products: the Boc’n’Roll, the Snack’n’Go, the Eat’n’Out Mini… Innovative, attractive, sustainable products manufactured under the brand name: Roll’eat.

Over the years, our key objective has been to promote awareness through schools, local businesses and other institutions that encourage a Zero Waste lifestyle. And, we are convinced to continue spreading this philosophy for many years.

Tiny products, heroic results.


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