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We are VOODOO. Just like you, we dislike the new normal and long for a world without restrictions and rules. We crave our freedom and reckless life.  We cannot wait for our next party and festival. We want to send a message out to the world that we're done waiting. We want to gain our liberties back. 

VOODOO is the new revolution. We are a radiostation and media platform, bringing the life of clubbing, parties and festivals back to you. We provide no mainstream media and... We are an apparel brand spreading a message.  

Discover our online broadcasts and streaming sessions. Read our blogs and discover our apparel collection.  Join the revolution, show your need of freedom and let the world know you have joined our VOODOO revolution. 

Let’s speak up for ourselves and stand up for the freedom we deserve. Let’s make some noise!  Make a statement, become VOODOO.

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