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Belgium, Bruges 

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Story behind the brand

After having held commercial positions for years, Lieselot Dumoulin, a passionate sporty woman and mother of two, decided to step into the foreground herself. Today she launches her own brand of alcohol-free, organic ginger concentrate: 'gingerclub'.

Lieselot had been looking for a healthy alternative for the many alcoholic, sugary and caffeine-rich drinks that already appeared on the market for some time. Her goal? Creating an honest, local, tasteful and above all healthy drink where you no longer have to work with juicers and other kitchen appliances.

After a year of testing and tasting, Lieselot creates 'gingerclub classic'. The organic ginger concentrate is made with Peruvian ginger and is soft in taste, accessible and low in sugars.

The ginger club story doesn't stop there. Lieselot experiments more with cranberry juice at home and often combines the juice with home-pressed Peruvian ginger, a variety that is much fuller and richer in taste. Her environment reacts so enthusiastically to this combination that this immediately leads to a variation on the spicy 'gingerclub classic': the 'gingerclub cranberry'.

Lieselot, together with her partners, continues to search for the most sustainable, local and healthy solutions and is ready to win hearts with gingerclub.

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