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Bags & accessories

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Germany, Mainz

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Story behind the brand

Following his passion for water sports, GOT BAG founder Benny decided to clean up the ocean by manufacturing backpacks with recycled plastic waste from the Western Pacific. With the iconic GOT BAG ROLLTOP the world’s first backpack made of ocean plastic was developed.

What started as a passion project is now a successful and rapidly growing business. For every travel companion sold, a step forward is made to sensitize people to a more environmentally conscious approach to plastic.

By using recycled PET to produce yarn, GOT BAG has made the commitment to utilize a new eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic. One metric ton of recycled PET saves 3.8 barrels of oil, 3,750 lb of water, and reduces the CO2 emission by 306,000 lb compared to the industry standard. So far, more than 100 tons of ocean plastic have been recycled to create GOT BAG


The GOT BAG clean-up is located on the north shore of Java, Indonesia, where a network of 1,500 fishermen is collecting and sorting plastic waste. Through the team’s efforts with local authorities, the clean-up workers are offered workshops on the environmental threats caused by plastic pollution.


The entire GOT BAG supply chain aims to be as environmentally and socially conscious as possible. Moreover, all of GOT BAG’s actions are focussed on educating people around the globe on a

more conscious approach to plastic.

All of GOT BAG‘s actions are dedicated to raising awareness and preventing plastic waste from ever getting back into the ocean.

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