• Towel is a 60x90cm soft and super absorbent microfiber shower towel that comes in a compact and portable case.


  • Thanks to its case, BANALE Towel Set is perfect for sports and travel.
  • It takes up little space in your bag or suitcase and does not come in contact with the surrounding objects. 
  • Keeping your stuff safe and dry.
  • Towel Size: 60xm X 90cm x 0.2cm

  • Case Size: 13cm x 13cm x 5cm

  • Towel Weight: 200gr

  • Case Weight: 100gr

  • Retail Purching Price EUR 10,00 - Adviced Retail Price EUR 24,90
  • Order by 2 Units per SKU
  • Total MOQ for Banale - EUR 450

Banale Towel (Set of 2)