• 10 pieces of chewing gum per packet.
  • Plant-Based Ingredients. Biodegradable Gum Base. Sugar-free Gum.

  • Vegan-friendly. Planet-Friendly. Bag-Friendly (zero waste, zero spills)

  • No plastic used in the making or packaging of OH MY GUM!

  • Retail Purching Price EUR 2,35 - Adviced Retail Price EUR 4,50
  • Order by 25 Units per SKU
  • Total MOQ for Oh My Gum - 50 Units per flavour (both flavours with first order). MOQ for re-orders - 25 Units per flavour



Xylitol, Natural Chicle Gum Base, Natural Flavour (Mint), Glycerol, Magnesium Stearate, Gum Arabic, Carnuba Wax

Oh My Gum Mint (Pack of 25 Units)